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Physical Therapy Services offered in Brevard County, Florida:

Orthopedic & Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Back & Neck

Hip & Knee

Ankle & Foot


Elbow & Hand

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

 Vestibular Therapy


Sports Medicine

Health and Wellness Programs

Running and Walking Gait Assessments

Balance Assessment

Ergonomic and Body Mechanics

Sports Specific Assessment

We specialize in outpatient orthopedics, geriatrics, and sports related injuries.

Types of Treatments and Techniques

What is Traditional Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy techniques are skilled hand movements and skilled passive movements of joints and soft tissue and are intended to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion; induce relaxation; mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction.

The certified physical therapists at In Balance Rehab use manual therapy techniques to increase joint mobility to allow for improved range of motion and to resolve any soft tissue dysfunction relieving pain, spasm and any tissue restrictions.

These specialized techniques enhance the healing process and the ability to move freely ultimately improving physical function.

What is Therapeutic Exercise?

In Balance Rehab uses customized therapeutic exercise programs to address specific dysfunction. Therapeutic exercises may include any of the following:

  • Stretching/ Flexibility Exercises

  • Strengthening Exercises

  • Spine Stabilization

  • Proprioception and Kinetic Training

  • Balance and Gait Training

  • Muscle energy techniques

  • Neuromuscular Training

  • Postural Correction

  • Coordination

  • Endurance

  • Proprio-neuromuscular facilitation- PNF

What are Therapeutic Treatment Modalities?

Therapeutic modalities or physical modalities, are specific applications that help reduce pain & swelling while promoting healing to help you regain normal functional mobility. Therapeutic modality treatments may include:

  • Ultrasound

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • TENS

  • Iontophoresis

  • Heat & Cold treatments

  • Kinetic Taping

Any Questions? Let's Talk.

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